Roger Battle

Senior Pastor

 Roger is the organizer and planter of Focus Faith Baptist Church. He established the church the First Sunday in August 2017; with 15 young people and 12 adults. He got his start at Friendship Baptist Church, El Paso, and Jenkins Chapel Baptist Church in Amarillo. He is married with 2 lovely daughters, 1 grandson, 1 adopted son, and a son-in-law. He also served in the (OWT) Baptist Association, Texas Baptist Convention, National Baptist Convention USA, INC. He currently affiliated with TBA and BGCT. Beside his love for the Lord Jesus, his family and his church, Roger is a great lover of football. He is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Seminary Extension Program. With studies at Durham JR. Collage, Lubbock, Community Collage, El Paso, and Texas Tech, where he was a walk-on football player under the great legendary coach Bill Parcels.

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Our Values

Being a church means a group of baptized believers purposely come together to celebrate fellowship and worship God in spirit and in truth.

Our Purpose

Reaching inward, nurturing our membership through bible study, education, fellowship and prayer.


3168 N Glen Garden       Fort Worth, TX  76119


M – F :  10 am–4pm
Sun : 9-11:30am


3168 N Glen Garden, Fort Worth, TX 76119

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